Goals + Assists – Offensive Impact of English Football League (EPL – L2) Players (Thu 9th Apr edition)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.44.26

So, yesterday I messed around on Tableau with data from last season’s League 1 players; And today, I used transfermarkt as a resource to get plain and simple goals, penalty goals and assist data for the four leagues in English football – I think this is a good way to show the benefits of data visualisation, and particularly in terms of player assessment.

The output of offensive players is much easier to see than defensive – They’re assessed on their goals, their goal ratio, their impact on goals for the team etc etc. And I think this dashboard helps give some sort of insight.

I’m not sure how useful the trend-line is, and whether it is worthwhile leaving it in there for the future – But for this one I have made it a bit more interactive – Find the player you like, split by position (as defined by TransferMarkt) and use the sliders to change the minutes.

Any feedback/comments more than welcome, feel free to also tweet and follow! @Scribblr_42


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