Evening all, and what a weekend it’s been. A great return for the Football League, and some cracking results – notably the thrashing of Huddersfield by Bournemouth (which bizarrely resulted in the departure of the Huddersfield manager after just one game!) and the Doncaster scored 3 cool chipped/lobbed whatever you want to call it goals to stun Yeovil Town on their League 1 return.

This post is basically an apology that this blog has basically remained dead even though I said I would update it – and also a promise that I will be updated and uploading various things throughout this year.

A brief personal update – I’ve finished my industrial placement (it was an excellent experience) and will be heading back to University to finish my BSc. (Hons) Economics degree from September. I’ve got a shiny new Mac to play with so have been fiddling with that over the recent weeks, and have also finished my database! (Silent cheers) Yes I’ve got a self-compiled database which includes a bit more in-depth data on the key players from the 2013-14 Championship season, and the attacking stats (not much else I’m afraid!) from the League 1 teams.

I didn’t delve into League 2, as I think there’s a lot more random events and (hesitantly) a lower standard of football which occurs in that League. The stuff I have on the Championship is hugely interesting and I’m disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to finish this in mid-July/Early August to talk about transfer dealings and give a preview for the season.

I’ll be making a new database full of THIS seasons data, and with the International breaks falling where they do, hopefully will be able to paint a quarter-season, mid-season etc picture with a breakdown on the movers and shakers. I think this will mean a lot more attention paid in the lower leagues (I tend to watch Match of the Day, Monday Night Football and not really watch the Football League show too much)

Anyway, here’s to hoping I can actually blog a lot more this year!




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