Championship – attack and defence 2012/13

Interesting article – shows how Ipswich lack a striker, a proven finisher – the resurgence led by McCarthy and DJ Campbell meant we avoided relegation. Luckily, McCarthy has understood the dynamics of the team, and is re-balancing squad by getting rid of high earners (ie. JET/Chopra)

Experimental 3-6-1

As for Leagues 1 and 2 earlier, here are the final attack and defence graphics for the Championship. Click on each to bring up full sized versions in separate tabs and the Explanations link above will be useful if you’ve not seen these before.


Champ attack final v2

  • The noticeably negative goal differences of Huddersfield and Ipswich are less mysterious now – the former struggle to create chances and the latter are poor at converting them, both to the tune of approximately 2 shots worse than the average.
  • It’s worth noting that the two most efficient attacks are those of Watford and Crystal Palace: the play-off finalists.
  • Of the two already-promoted sides, it can be seen that while Hull created marginally more chances on average than Cardiff, the champions were significantly better at converting theirs, which should concern Steve Bruce ahead of facing Premier League defences next season.


Champ defence final v2

  • Cardiff‘s defence…

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